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Innovation Hub

Participate in Open-Source and Digital Twin technologies and be part of a FIWARE iHub .

Ethics & Governance

Commitment to positive impact in healthcare, education, and sustainability through technology.

A FIWARE iHub is an innovation hub that provides open-source software for developing smart applications in various domains, including Smart Cities, Smart Industry, and Smart Agrifood. It offers a range of tools and resources to support the development of innovative solutions and ensure compliance with global best practices.

The importance of mindful technology has become increasingly evident with the emergence of advanced technologies such as AI, which have the potential to transform industries and societies. However, there are concerns about the unintended consequences of these technologies, including bias, job displacement, and threats to privacy and security. Mindful technology approaches seek to address these challenges by promoting ethical and responsible use of technology. Mindful technology aims to ensure that technology is developed and deployed with consideration for its impact on society and the environment. By prioritizing the well-being of individuals and the planet, mindful technology can help to ensure that technological advancements benefit humanity and the world as a whole.

Our institute has a tip of the iceberg approach where a large digital world expands our current reality for collaboration and effort.

Collaboration and Innovation in XR
Real-World building in Gaming Engines
No Geographical Boundaries

Transformation in Industry Sectors

MindfulTech Institute technology sectors


Web3 based transformations for the financial sector and ubiquitous banking and protections.

Smart City

Emerging and existing transformations for communities in Smart City projects and initiatives.

Cyber Security

Transformation of communities and members in Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructures solutions.

Digital Law

Legal transformation for Transparency, Compliance and Governance based on blockchain technologies.

Emerging Services

Emerging Services to transform Healthcare, Education, Public Safety and e-Government.

Much more ahead!

We are open to address other sectors of digital transformation in the future.


The Institute has a program tailored for you

Certification and Qualification

Certification and Compliance program for Smart Community projects with Digital Ubiquity.

Venture Studio Program

Digital Impact Venture Studio's program provides startups with shared technology, mentorship and governance.


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